Three words that describe the way you leave every class. At Revolution Studio we believe a workout can be both fun and effective. We are committed to elevating ourselves and those around us. Because here, we're not just working out, we're transforming. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Husband and wife duo Mitch and Kim Syma started Revolution Studio with the intention of creating a shift. Gone are the days of viewing your workout as a chore. Today we view the workout as a chance. An opportunity. An experience.

Since opening our doors in 2012, Revolution Studio has empowered thousands to shift their perspective and take their body, mind, and workout to the next level. Together with their incredible studio team and the most elite instructors in Houston, Mitch and Kim have revolutionized the way Houstonians workout, and more importantly, the way they feel about working out. Whether on the bike or on the mat, the Revolution Studio experience offers the chance to embrace challenge and see change. This is not fitness. This is transformation.

Clip In. Rock Out. Namaste.™